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  • You can let us know your puppy preferences by checking the boxes below (sometimes more than one option is available). You will receive an email alert to let you know when we have puppies available for sale with pictures and information about the puppies posted on our website.
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  • Acknowledgement, acceptance and agreement

  • We acknowledge that the price of a Waratah Park Puppy
    • is $4,400 in 2017 ($4800 2018) whether male or female, puppy (except Chocolate);
    • is $6,600 in 2017 ($6800 2018) or a chocolate cavoodle (male or female)
    • includes thorough vet checks, microchipping, first vaccination (required by law);
    • includes desexing and second vaccination;
    • includes crate training & travel crate to help your puppy settle into its new home;
    • includes 6 weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan
    • includes a 30 day health guarantee against genetic disorders
    • includes a lifetime rehoming guarantee (we will always help to rehome one of our puppies should the need arise. We don't want our puppies to ever be in a shelter)
  • We understand and accept the responsibility that comes from owning a puppy, which includes:
    • providing for the puppy's physical, mental, emotional and social needs
    • providing the puppy with vet care when needed in addition to regular intestinal and heart worming; flea and tick control;
    • ensuring the puppy is groomed regularly for it's health and comfort
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