Benefits for Allergy Sufferers

Our Cavoodle and Shoodle puppies suit families with allergy sufferers

Waratah-Park-Puppies-Cavaliers shed their silky straight hair – a lot (on clothes and furniture)
Poodles don’t shed their soft woolly coat – they require regular grooming
Shih Tzu’s don’t shed their soft silky coat – they require regular grooming

Cavoodles have a low to non-shedding coat depending on the qualities they have inherited from their parents.  Some can have more curly-woolly than others within the same litter.

Shoodles have a non-shedding coat as both their parents have non-shedding coats.  Like cavoodles, shoodles require their coats to be regularly groomed.

The coats of both Cavoodles and Shoodles need to be groomed regularly for their comfort and to prevent tangles and knots (which can be painful).  Regularly brushing your puppy’s coat will keep knots at bay and will help build the bond between you.  Don’t forget to gently brush your puppy’s ears & under their tail.

Waratah-Park-Puppies-LR-14We bath and lightly groom our puppies from around 6 weeks of age to prepare them for the regular clipping of their coats (how often you have your puppy’s coat clipped will depend on your puppy’s lifestyle ie their living environment including climate and exercise regime and your personal preferences for his/her appearance).

When you complete an enquiry form to join our waiting list please give us some information about yourself and your puppy preferences so we can help guide you in your choice of puppy.

When puppies are available we email photos and can arrange a Skype video call so you can see the puppies which will help you with your decision.

How to purchase one of our gorgeous puppies:
  1. COMPLETE our enquiry form to join our waiting list, letting us know your puppy preferences and to give us some information about yourself.
  2. CHOOSE A PUPPY - when we send you an email with pictures and information about available puppies.  Puppies will be vet checked, microchipped and have their first puppy vaccination at 6 weeks of age.
  3. PAY A DEPOSIT by direct deposit or paypal – We’ll provide an Invoice and payment details when you’ve chosen your puppy
  4. BEGIN PREPARING YOUR HOME, and hearts, for the arrival of your puppy. Our information pack has tips on how to prepare for your puppy’s arrival.
  5. COMPLETE PAYMENT for your puppy at 8 -9  weeks of age. The puppy will be desexed at 10 weeks and stitches removed approx 10 days later.
  6. COLLECT or TRANSPORT can be arranged. (we can fly your puppy to most metro or regional airports for between $350 - $500. Payment must be made at least 4 days before flight is booked)
  7. FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS we will provide you with a quote for International transport with JetPets or Dogtainers.  We can also provide you with a checklist for your receiving country.  
  8. RECEIVE YOUR PUPPY and ENJOY the cuddles and love of your newest family member

Why buy a Waratah Puppy?

Our puppies are healthy, happy puppies with many advantages over other puppies you may see for sale.

We are a vet audited, registered breeder specialising in placing puppies with children with special needs.

Our puppies are:

  • lovingly care for and handled every day
  • vet checked thoroughly, at least twice before leaving us
  • vaccinated with C3 and C5 and come with a vaccination schedule
  • wormed every 2 weeks with Drontal Puppy Suspension and come with worming schedule and recommended grooming schedule
  • microchipped (transfer of ownership instructions provided with the puppy)
  • desexed and receive post op care and usually stitches are removed before leaving us
  • doing well with toilet training – to artificial turf
  • able to sleep on their own (soft toy companion) in their own travel crate
  • used to wearing a collar
  • ready for lead training (we sometimes begin lead training)

To see our available puppies, visit our PUPPIES FOR SALE page

In 2015 Kaylene, and Waratah Park Puppies (now Waratah Puppies)  won the Climb Every Mountain Award (best business trading up to 5 years) in the 2015-2016 Altitude Awards.


In 2021 Waratah Puppies was announced a finalist in the following 3 Categories of the Altitude Business Awards:

* Through the Woods (best business trading up to 10 years)

* Business Excellence


* Excellence in Service


In 2020 Kaylene and Waratah Puppies were a finalist in the Best in Service Award of the Altitude Business Awards.

In 2019, Kaylene and Waratah Puppies were a finalist in the Through the Woods Category (best business trading up to 10 years) in the Altitude Awards as well as a finalist in the Altitude Awards' Business Excellence Category.

We are located in Gunning, south NSW.

Puppies can be collected from our Gunning property by appointment or flown to major airports across Australia for between $450 - $800. We use Dogtainers and JetPets for travel within Australia.

We can provide a quote for international travel (New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hawaii).  We proudly use Petraveller for all our international travel.

Because our puppies are crate trained, they usually sleep during the flight and arrive ready to play and cuddle with their new forever family.