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Waratah Puppies – changing lives through the love of a puppy – because sometimes love and friendship comes with a wagging tail

Waratah Puppies specialises in breeding, raising and beginning training of puppies for people with additional needs including children on the Autism Spectrum, with physical disabilities or people living with anxiety, depression or PTSD/CPTSD.   

There are many benefits of dog ownership. For people with additional needs, particularly children on the Autism Spectrum, a puppy / dog can:

* help with emotional regulation and provide emotional support;

* provide companionship and reduce loneliness;

* improve confidence and social engagement – even if not formally trained as an Assistance Dog.


After they leave us, many of our puppies complete additional training to become a recognised Assistance or Therapy Dog.

We can offer an introduction to Assistance Dog training for people interested in purchasing a puppy as a potential Assistance Dog.

 If you or a family member have additional needs, please click on the link to our additional needs waiting list here.

There is no charge to join our waiting list.  After you select your puppy we will send you an Invoice for payment of either a deposit or in full – as well as send you our comprehensive Information Brochure so you can begin to prepare your home, and heart, for your newest family member. 

What is an emotional support dog?  If your health professionals have recommended you purchase an emotional support dog – please let us know when you complete our Additional Needs enquiry form.  Emotional support dogs are pets which are providing love, affection, social & emotional support to their owners.  They have no legal recognition in Australia – but we certainly understand how these pets can provide real health benefits to their owners.   Our Cavoodles and Moodles are bred to provide companionship and unconditional love to their owners.

Click here to find out more about emotional support, Therapy or Assistance Dogs.

Sometimes we also have gorgeous puppies available for purchase by families without additional needs.  Please click on the link to our general waiting list at the bottom of this page if you would like to know more about our puppies.

Purchasing a puppy is a big decision – and a long term commitment to their love and care.

Waratah Puppies’s Breeder Identification Number is 000793269 (NSW Pet Registry)

All of our breeding dogs are DNA tested (Orivet) and the puppies we breed won’t suffer from genetic diseases tested.

Our puppies are sold – microchipped, have at least 2 vaccinations, wormed, desexed, crate trained at night (so they won’t cry all night), have basic obedience training, come with comprehensive information about caring for a puppy, 6 weeks free pet insurance and more …..

Credit Card payments accepted (surcharge applies)

While we have older puppies and dogs available

we’ve made the decision NOT to breed any new litters

of Cavoodle or Moodle puppies at the moment.     

We will re-commence breeding puppies from mid 2024.   

We’ll keep the website updated.

Cavoodle & other puppies currently for sale:  (May 2024)

Pictures and information about the puppies we have available can be requested if you complete either our Additional Needs or General enquiry forms.

We have a wonderful 2yr old male Cavamoodle (Cavalier x Moodle) dog for sale.  Full DNA profile available  (over 10kg)

Circumstances have changed for the family originally planning to purchase this young man – who has grown a bit since this picture was taken – he weighs over 10kg. 

This young man is affectionate and playful.  He’s desexed and ready to join his forever family at a heavily reduced price. 

If you are interested in this boy, please note your interest by including “Cavamoodle male” in the comments section when you complete and enquiry form.

caramel female Cavoodle puppy for sale

BELLA’s puppy is a small miniature Cavoodle born on 29.7.22

This puppy is desexed, crate trained at night and has had all her puppy vaccinations.   This puppy weighs approx 7.5kg

For more information about this puppy please complete our additional needs or general enquiry forms and let us know you’d like more information about the puppy from Bella’s litter.

To watch this puppy in a recent training session CLICK HERE

caramel female Cavoodle puppy for sale

ISLA had a litter of gorgeous MOODLE puppies on 29th Sept 2022.  

We have one gorgeous black Moodle puppy (white markings) looking for his forever family and is ready to join you now   (depending on training requirements)

1 black male puppy PURPLE/GREEN collar (fully grown – 3.5kg)  –  to watch this puppy in a recent training session on youtube click here

His training so far is sit, stay (we’re working on duration – he’s up to 6 seconds), come and walking on a loose lead.  This is our basic good manners training.



Male Moodle puppies for sale

Izzy’s gorgeous caramel coloured Moodle puppies were born on 7th May 2023   (2 boys; 2 girls)

These puppies have been vet checked, microchipped and have had their vaccinations.  The boys are desexed; the girls will be desexed before joining their families.  They are crate trained at night, have basic obedience training and are ready to join their forever families now.  (depending on training requirements)  We can provide an introduction to Assistance Dog training for an additional cost.  (picture of puppy in Bunnings – Assistance Dog in Training)

These are small dogs (to approx 3-4kg as adults)



Moodle puppies for sale

Choco’s miniature Cavoodles were born on 9th July 2023          (2 boys; 4 girls) (variety of colours available)

These puppies have been vet checked, microchipped, are crate trained at night, have basic obedience training and are ready to join their forever families now or within 2-3 weeks. (depending on training requirements) 

Miniature cavoodles are larger than toy cavoodles.  We expect these puppies will be approx 8-10kg as adults.

Some puppies have straighter, silky coats and others have curly coats.

These puppies are now 8 months old  (bottom 3 pictures taken when puppies younger.  Updated pictures available upon request)

We can provide an introduction to Assistance Dog training for an additional cost.  (picture of puppy in Bunnings – Assistance Dog in Training)

For more pictures of individual puppies – please complete an enquiry form and let us know which puppy you are interested in



male cavoodle puppy
Moodle puppies for sale

“Meet and Greet”

By arrangement – we can organise a ‘meet and greet’ of some of our puppies in Western Sydney (Gledswood Hills) or Canberra particularly if a person on the Autism Spectrum has sensory issues and how the puppy’s coat ‘feels’ is important to them.

When you complete an enquiry form – please let us know if you would like to make an appointment to meet some puppies.

Additional Needs enquiry form – CLICK HERE

General Needs enquiry form – CLICK HERE


Moodle puppies for sale

Sharing the opportunity for people with additional challenges to experience Connection, Inclusion and Confidence Building through the unconditional love of a puppy is why we breed gorgeous Cavoodle and ‘oodle puppies.

All families can benefit from the love of a puppy.  At the end of the day there is nothing more heartwarming that being greeted by a wagging tail and big brown eyes.

We’ve prepared a document – What to Consider BEFORE purchasing a new puppy.  You can download the document here 

We believe early basic obedience training is essential for a happy, positive relationship between a puppy and it’s family.  As many of our puppies are sold to people who are considering training their puppy as an Assistance or Therapy Dog, we’re going to begin a puppy’s training well before the puppy leaves us.   Our breeding program will be scaled down so we can devote more time to training our gorgeous puppies.

Our puppy’s ‘good manners’ will involve teaching “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come” and walking confidently on a loose lead.  ALL families buying from us from 2020 will enjoy these benefits – you don’t have to be formally training your puppy as an Assistance Dog to benefit from this basic training.

Our puppies are desexed and crate trained before joining their families.  We know this is an important reason people have purchased from us in the past.  The benefits of not losing sleep for a week is a DEFINITE advantage you gain from purchasing from Waratah Puppies.

To watch unedited video of 9 week old Lexi after her first week of training –  click on the link… 


In addition to basic obedience training – we offer 2 introduction to Assistance Dog training packages:

1. a basic introduction to Assistance Dog training (walking on different floor surfaces, wearing a training jacket and begin placement training).  This usually adds approximately 4 weeks to the puppy’s training schedule.

2. Our advance introduction to Assistance Dog training involves preparing a proposed training plan for your puppy, beginning social/community access training so your puppy will begin some of the training requirements needed to be recognised as an Assistance Dog under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.  We do not begin training the puppy for disability specific tasks which is also required prior to the puppy being recognised as an Assistance Dog.

While we cannot guarantee a puppy you purchase from Waratah Puppies will pass a Public Access Test (PAT) or meet the requirements of an Assistance Dog under the DDA 1992, the puppy will have a great beginning to their training journey.  Additional training can add approximately 4-6 weeks before a puppy joins it’s family.

For more information about Assistance Dogs, how to purchase one or how to self-train one – please visit Assistance Dogs in Training Australia (www.adita.com.au) for more information.  (declaration of interest – Kaylene is the Policy & Resource Officer for ADiTA)

Award winning dog breeder


If you are interested in purchasing a gorgeous, rare, Chocolate Cavoodle please visit

Chocolate Cavoodles Australia

for pictures and information.

click on the link below


f you are purchasing a puppy for yourself or a child on the Autism Spectrum or with special needs, please click on the ADDITIONAL NEEDS ENQUIRY BUTTON at the bottom of the page or CLICK HERE.          For our general waiting list please CLICK HERE 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from Families who would like to join our Fostering Program.

Do you love dogs?

Would you like to experience the joys and responsibilities of Fostering a Dog for a breeder who provides Cavoodle puppies to children on the Autism Spectrum or with Special needs?

Read on….

Waratah Puppies is a vet audited, award winning breeder of Cavoodle and Shoodle puppies primarily for children on the Autism Spectrum or with special needs.

From 2020 we are taking our business in a new direction.  We will be providing every puppy we sell with basic obedience training and will be assisting people to commence training their puppy as an Assistance or Therapy Dog.

So we can concentrate on training puppies, we are looking for loving families who will foster some of our breeding girls.

We are looking for families who would love to be part of this experience with us.

  • If you LOVE dogs AND
  • would LOVE to enjoy the company of a Cavoodle without paying the full cost of purchasing a puppy

our Fostering Program might suit you ….

  • We will provide instructions and guidance regarding dog care, pregnancy and whelping
  • You will have the choice of having the the puppies born in your home, OR the pregnant mum can return to us for the birth (from approx 2 weeks prior).  She will then return to your home after weaning the puppies.
  • We will cover all veterinary costs associated with the pregnancy and the puppies
  • If you would like to Foster two dogs so you still have one at home while the other comes to us for mating, please let us know
  • You must be happy for us to visit to meet you and visit the home environment the dog(s) will be living in.

please contact Kaylene at kaylene@waratahpuppies.com.au to find out more.


Why buy a Waratah Park Puppy?

Our cavoodle puppies are happy, health family pets with many advantages over other cavoodles you may see for sale.   Our puppies are:

  • lovingly cared for and handled every day
  • vet checked thoroughly, at least twice before leaving us
  • vaccinated with C3 and C5
  • wormed every 2 weeks with Puppy worming Suspension and comes with dates for ongoing treatment, including recommended grooming schedule
  • microchipped (we begin the process of transferring ownership to new owner)
  • desexed, receive post op care and stitches removed before leaving us
  • doing well with toilet training – to newspaper inside and grass outside
  • able to sleep all night on their own (soft toy companion) in their own travel crate
  • used to wearing a collar
  • lead training
  • basic obedience training (sit, come) – USB of training sessions & training notes provided to new owners

Our puppy families are provided with:

  • a comprehensive information pack on how to prepare for the puppy’s arrival, essential items to buy before you receive your puppy and schedule for ongoing care
  • tax invoice (if you are using NDIS funding to purchase your puppy, please let us know so we can provide relevant information on your Invoice)
  • vaccination certificates and schedule for future vaccinations
  • instructions for completing transfer of ownership (microchip records)
  • their puppy’s familiar bed (airline approved travel crate) and soft toy
  • our 30 day health guarantee
  • lifetime re-homing guarantee – the knowledge that we will help re-home a puppy at any time in its life, should the need arise
  • 6 weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan
  • ongoing support for as long as they need it
  • life-time interest in their puppy; it’s well being and happiness
If you are purchasing your Cavoodle as a companion for a child on the Autism Spectrum, please let us know so we can discuss additional training.

In 2015 Kaylene, and Waratah Park Puppies (now Waratah Puppies)  won the Climb Every Mountain Award (best business trading up to 5 years) in the 2015-2016 Altitude Awards.


In 2021 Waratah Puppies was announced a finalist in the following 3 Categories of the Altitude Business Awards:

* Through the Woods (best business trading up to 10 years)

* Business Excellence


* Excellence in Service


In 2020 Kaylene and Waratah Puppies were a finalist in the Best in Service Award of the Altitude Business Awards.

In 2019, Kaylene and Waratah Puppies were a finalist in the Through the Woods Category (best business trading up to 10 years) in the Altitude Awards as well as a finalist in the Altitude Awards' Business Excellence Category.

We are located in Gunning, south NSW.

Puppies can be collected from our Gunning property by appointment or flown to major airports across Australia for between $450 - $800. We use Dogtainers and JetPets for travel within Australia.

We can provide a quote for international travel (New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hawaii).  We proudly use Petraveller for all our international travel.

Because our puppies are crate trained, they usually sleep during the flight and arrive ready to play and cuddle with their new forever family.