Lickimat Slomo Combo – slow feeder mat

LickiMat products are designed to make feeding your pet an enriching experience.

The LickiMat Slomo Combo Slow Feeder For Dogs Is A Healthy And Engaging Way To Feed Your Pet
Designed and recommended by vets, this slow feeding mat is designed to provide your dog with an enriching, tasty activity that helps to enhance their overall health and wellbeing

It is an engaging tool, that challenges and rewards your pet over time, by giving your pet small portions of food or treats, every time they engage with the mat.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, healthy and occupied. Dogs that are not stimulated, or rewarded for engaging in time-occupying behaviour, can begin to display mischievous and problem behaviours around the home. A licking mat is a way to engage your dog with an activity that both occupies and rewards

The mat makes eating an interactive activity, rather than just a meal



Lickimat Slomo feeder